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JEE Main

Revise & Practice these chapters : (January)

Ray Optics

Organic Chemistry (All together)
Solutions & Colligative Properties
Surface Chemistry
Theory Chapters of inorganic Chemistry
Biomolecules & Chemistry in action

Circle & Conics
Permutations & Probability
Integration & Differentiation
Differential Equations

  1. Solve Higher level MCQs from Marvel and mark those chapters that were difficult to handle . Also solve Easier chapters from HC Verma (January - February)
  2. Study important chapters from NCERT thoroughly (January - February - March)
    1. Study these chapters :

Current Electricity
Electrostatics & Magnetism

Ionic Equilibrium

Circle & Conics

  1. Solve 5 - 10 Numericals from books like HC Verma from all chapters and note the chapters that were difficult to handle . (March 14-March 31)
    1. Study & Practice these chapters intensively . Take chapter wise tests of these chapters on Embibe .

  1. Solve Practice Papers and Note down your problems : (March 14 - April 9)
    1. Making decision amongst options
    2. Getting Stuck in questions

JEE Advanced

  1. Order these Books : Arihant JEE Advanced Past year's IIT JEE Questions ; Guidebook by Arpit Agarwal
  2. Do Complete Revision of JEE Advanced . Read in-depth abbout chapters in Physics & Chemistry on Wikipedia (April 10 - April 15)
  3. Solve 10 problems from each book daily ( April 11 - May 20 )
  4. Solve JEE Advanced Practice Tests and note down the problems ( May 1 - May 20 )
    1. Above the head questions

Bucket List




Organic Chemistry

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